Presented by Professional Gutter Cleaners

Now that fall is here, it is the perfect time to think about your gutters before a snow storm hits. Are they clean from all the leaves and debris? Are you well-prepared for the cold winter? Here is what expert gutter cleaners advise:

  • You have to understand why this is needed. Gutters and downspouts must be perfectly clean to be able to lead water away from your roof. Otherwise, drain outlets will dam up, gutters eventually overflow, and cause severe and costly damage on your roof and gutters themselves. They will become loose and may fall during a storm, strong winds, or heavy rains. Additionally, pooling water will lead to wood gutters decaying and metal ones rusting.

  • You have to choose a stable and sturdy ladder. Always make sure someone else is at home when you intend to clean your gutters, as professionals advise. You always have to be prepared for the worst-case scenario – a dangerous fall. Using a safe ladder is essential for the success of your undertaking. Make sure it is long and strong enough to support your weight. When you climb, you have to take a bucket with you. Make it stable with a lanyard. The other crucial tool you will need is a trowel to remove the leaves and other debris. The experts do not recommend wood and orchard ladders as they are difficult to balance on. Fiberglass ones are a more suitable option, as well as aluminum ones. Before you climb, inspect the ladder for any defects, dents, or loose parts, and repair them.

  • Before you take on such an exhausting job, you have to be in a perfect physical shape. Take into account the fatigue factor as you will be standing for a few long hours, which involves fatigue both in the arms and legs, as specialists say. Their advice is to go down and take a break before you continue working on your gutters.

  • Always use special gloves and goggles as small harmful particles of the debris or bird droppings may fall on your eyes or skin and cause an unpleasant and hazardous irritation.

 Do not take any chances, but hire All Island Seamless Gutters Inc for an excellent service to meet all your expectations. Our North Babylon, NY team of gutter cleaners are completely prepared to get the job done as true professionals. Call us today at (631) 243-7792.